ZARA Foodstuff Industries places top priority on quality and ensures that its products adhere to the strict religious requirements of Muslim consumers. It is for this reason that our company sought to achieve the MS ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Management and the MS 1500:2009 Halal Management System certifications. Our products are released to the market only upon fulfilling all criteria and complying with the requirements of these standards.

We have an experienced team of professionals who are highly-skilled in food quality and technology to help us produce the best and cleanest Halal food of the highest quality.



The ZARA N type 1 plays an important role in the fermentation process of our soya beans. This special organism was scientifically produced in our research laboratory.

Glass Bottle

We use glass bottles that are sterilised with hot water to ensure and guarantee that our packaging is contaminant-free.


Sugar is sourced from reputable manufacturers in Malaysia, with stringent quality control by our Quality Assurance Division.


Certified Halal by JAKIM, our caramel is meticulously selected from among the best manufacturers in Malaysia, packed in LDPE plastic and HDPE drums for hygiene and to retain its freshness.


Salt is imported from Australia to lend its unique flavour to the Cap Kipas Udang soya sauce.

Soya Beans

Our quality soya beans, imported from Canada with high protein content, is a good source of protein and gives the Cap Kipas Udang soya sauce its excellent flavour.

Best Buy Award 2015/2016

Winner of Best Buy Award 2015/2016 for soya sauce product certified from ICERTIAS (International Certification Association)


Best SME Brands

Awarded by the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation



Certified MeSTI by the Malaysian Ministry of Health

Free Sale

Cap Kipas Udang products have obtained the Free Sale Certificate for distribution in Brunei, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Canada


3-MCPD Free

6-monthly inspections of 3-MCPD content in our products



Certified Halal by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM)


Johor Quality Award

Recognition by the State of Johor for Effective Quality Implementation


ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2008 certification by SIRIM QAS