Why does soya sauce sometimes appear to have foam and tiny bubbles?
  • Soya sauce is produced through a unique and natural fermentation process. The bubbles you see in the soy sauce are carbon dioxide gas bubbles, which is a by-product of fermentation.
  • In fact, large amounts of this gas can be beneficial because it acts as a natural preservative that maintains the freshness of your soya sauce longer.
  • We are using low amount of preservative since it is can potentially cause adverse effect on the consumer health especially kids, this explain why this bubble sometimes appear due to the product undergoes re-fermentation process after the bottle opened. Keep the product at refrigeration temperature are the best practices to maintain the freshness of the soy sauces
  • To release the bubbles, you can either heat the soya sauce to 60°C for 5-10 minutes or refrigerate it.The product are safe to be consume