Is any food preservative added into your soya sauce?
  • Yes, food preservatives are added to prevent contamination by microorganisms after the bottle is opened. However, the amount of preservatives added is lower than the maximum amount permitted and we strictly adhere to the relevant regulations.
  • Consumers are advised to keep the soya sauce refrigerated after opening to prevent contamination by microorganisms and insects.
  • We are only using half amount of preservative permitted by the Malaysia Food Regulation, this is because we are very concern about our consumer health since preservative are known to affect human health especially kids
  • This what make our brands different from others which mostly use higher percentage of preservative in order to keep the soy sauce survive at room temperature without knowing the affect of human health about it .
  • We are highly recommend the consumer to store the opened products at refrigerator temperature in order to maintain the freshness of the products itself