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  • Our Company places top priority on every product that we produce. To this end, we set up a food analysis laboratory and hired food technology experts to analyse food samples and provide assurance for our product quality.
  • Our product use preservatives at a very minimum to ensure our consumer are well protected and safe even when consume at a high amount especially kids.   
  • Our products have been awarded the MS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, Halal and MeSTI certifications, and they comply with the Food Act, 1983 as well as the Malaysian Food Regulations, 1985.
  • Quality products are made using quality raw ingredients. So we simply select and obtain the finest raw ingredients locally and from other countries. This includes our high-quality soya beans that we import from Canada.
  • Its colour is the result of the browning effect from the reaction between the amino acids (protein), sugar and caramel.
  • The caramel content also gives soya sauce its dark colour, in addition to its action as a thickening agent.
  • The quality of soya sauce is determined by its protein content or its overall nitrogen content. The minimum requirement is 0.6% for nitrogen or 3.75% (0.6 x 6.25) for protein. We have consistently exceeded this minimum percentage stipulated by the Malaysian Food Regulations, 1985.
  • Yes, food preservatives are added to prevent contamination by microorganisms after the bottle is opened. However, the amount of preservatives added is lower than the maximum amount permitted and we strictly adhere to the relevant regulations.
  • Consumers are advised to keep the soya sauce refrigerated after opening to prevent contamination by microorganisms and insects.
  • We are only using half amount of preservative permitted by the Malaysia Food Regulation, this is because we are very concern about our consumer health since preservative are known to affect human health especially kids
  • This what make our brands different from others which mostly use higher percentage of preservative in order to keep the soy sauce survive at room temperature without knowing the affect of human health about it .
  • We are highly recommend the consumer to store the opened products at refrigerator temperature in order to maintain the freshness of the products itself 
  • The white layer is actually amino acid crystals formed from the protein in the soya sauce. This is normal and should not be a cause for concern as the soya sauce is perfectly fit for consumption.
  • White layer appear if the fermentation occur once again after the product opened and left at normal temperature. That is why, we strongly recommend to refrigerate the product after opened to maintain the freshness of the products
  • Preservative can avoid this situation but it can cause adverse affect towards the consumer health, that is why we really cautious about amount of preservatives used since by stored at refrigerator the product able to maintain at the highest quality                                         
  • The 345mL and 645mL bottles of sweet or salty soya sauces are good for up to three years of purchase if kept unopened. It can be used for up to 60 days after opening if kept refrigerated.
  • Soya sauce in the 1.9L plastic bottle can last 1.5 years if kept unopened and 60 days after opening if kept refrigerated.
  • Soya sauce is produced through a unique and natural fermentation process. The bubbles you see in the soy sauce are carbon dioxide gas bubbles, which is a by-product of fermentation.
  • In fact, large amounts of this gas can be beneficial because it acts as a natural preservative that maintains the freshness of your soya sauce longer.
  • We are using low amount of preservative since it is can potentially cause adverse effect on the consumer health especially kids, this explain why this bubble sometimes appear due to the product undergoes re-fermentation process after the bottle opened. Keep the product at refrigeration temperature are the best practices to maintain the freshness of the soy sauces
  • To release the bubbles, you can either heat the soya sauce to 60°C for 5-10 minutes or refrigerate it.The product are safe to be consume
  • You can find the product expiry date on the body label of the product. Example:
    EXP 03/10/19 09:32
    03 = Day
    10 = Month
    19 = Year
    09:32 = Time of manufacture
  • This means that the soya sauce will expire on 03 October 2019